All About Jessica

Jessica Mathews has been telling stories since before she knew how to write. Jessica has always loved making up stories and entertaining others. Her father would write down all of the stories she told him. He would read her the stories they made up together at bed time.

Now, Jessica likes to continue the tradition of making up stories for children by writing and self-publishing picture books. Her debut picture book, The Old Man and the Pirate Princess, was created for her niece, Saria, and her nephew, Royce, when they were born to help welcome them into this world. Born ten days apart, these cousins now have a lasting legacy in the Old Man and Pirate Princess series.

Jessica hopes to be able to work with schools, libraries and after care programs to help children discover their love of reading, writing and creating. She wants her books to inspire others as much as her favorite books inspired her when she was growing up. Jessica wants to inspire others to follow their passions by showing them hers.

Recently, Jessica has begun writing paranormal fiction for adults in addition to her children’s books.

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