-Jessica has found great success in her children’s literature and wishes to continue to grow her children’s library. In order to do so, Jessica must separate her children’s literature from her adult literature. Jessica will continue to publish her children’s literature under her given name and has begun to publish her adult literature under  J.L. Mathews (pen name).

-Spring 2022 Jessica did an interview and live for SpoFest.
To read to the interview please click HERE.
To watch a video of the live please click HERE.

– During Quarantine Jessica did live readings on her Facebook Author Page of her books. To watch please click HERE.
Lazy Vampire Reading
Sparkle Live Reading
Old Man & the Pirate Princess
Old Man & the Pirate Princess Meet a Dragon
– Captain Kraken and Minnow Do Adventuring – Mermaid Hair, Don’t Care
-Jessica is a regular guest on the Write Pack Radio podcast. Find Write Pack Radio at  Write Pack Radio.

-Jessica did a reading for the St. Louis Writers Guild’s Virtual Book Fair. To watch this reading please click HERE.

-Jessica was a guest at SORMAG’s Writer’s Café – Season 5 – Episode 1.  Click to Listen HERE.

-Jessica was a guest on The Helheim Podcast. A variety of topics were discussed, including Keanu Reeves. Check out the podcast HERE.

-Jessica was interviewed by Excelsior Journeys about her picture books and collaboration with illustrator Jennifer Stolzer. Check out the podcast HERE

-Jessica was interviewed for her books. Check out the interview!
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-Jessica was featured on Chris Rice Cooper Blog. Check it out HERE

-Death Adjacent was featured on the First Chapters podcast
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This podcast can be found on Blog Talk Radio, iTunes and YouTube.

Jessica read The Lazy Werewolf during the St. Louis Writers Guild Book Fair.
STWG Virtual Book Fair 2022 Reading HERE.

Jessica wrote an article in the VoyageSTL. To read the article click HERE.

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