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Original Publish Date- June  2018
Republish Date- October 2020

When you can’t die, what do you live for?

Right after the goddess of the moon regains consciousness in the middle of her autopsy, her murderer greets her in the form of a demon and tries to kill her again. Fighting for her life, Selene is flooded with memories from a past she would rather forget.

When Selene remembers she is the daughter of Cleopatra and the twin sister of Alexander the Great, she also remembers her family secrets and tragedies. Selene discovers she has been cursed with a second soul. When she realizes that it’s her brother who cursed her, Selene starts using spells from the Book of the Dead to set the parts of her past she remembers right. Will her faulty memories cause more harm than good?

One thing is certain: If Selene doesn’t set things straight before her mother unleashes the powers of the Underworld to enslave humanity, Selene may never die again.

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