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September  2017 

Pirate Princess Saria learns a valuable lesson alongside her plucky pirate parrot Poppy when they go to Buccaneer Bob’s and the unexpected happens. They are kidnapped by a ninja! If Saria and Poppy want to get out of this mess, they must learn not to judge others by their appearance but by the goodness in their hearts.

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April  2019

Pirate Princess Saria and her plucky pirate parrot, Poppy, are chased by bullies from the Flying Dutchman Academy on their way home one day. Pirate Princess Saria and her faithful companion, Poppy, hide from their problems in a mysterious cave. When they find out the cave is inhabited by a dragon, they must decide whether or not to take their chances with the dragon or the bullies searching for them. Pirate Princess Saria and her parrot, Poppy, learn a valuable lesson about facing your problems instead of running from them. In the process of learning to face their fears, they also get to help a friend in an unexpected way.

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April  2018

Sparkle is a honey badger with big dreams. When a mean girl tells her she can’t dance, Sparkle is determined to prove her wrong. 


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The Lazy Vampire
October 2019

Ted is a lazy vampire
He doesn’t like doing anything the other vampires like to do. Other vampires like to drink blood and turn into bats and fly around. Not Ted. Ted is a lazy vampire.

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 Captain Kraken and Minnow Do Adventuring- Mermaid Hair Don’t Care
March 2020

Captain Kraken and his rowdy crew of pirates go on an adventure to recover a stolen treasure. Tasked by the world’s tiniest mermaid to find her sisters’ hair, the pirate crew soon find the culprit. The Fish King stole the mermaid hair because he just wants to be beautiful. During their mission, the ship’s powder boy, Minnow, is taken by the Fish King’s henchmen and is forced to work as the royal wig room attendant. Can Captain Kraken and his merry band of misfit pirates save Minnow AND recover their loot?


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June  2018

When you can’t die, what do you live for?

Right after the goddess of the moon regains consciousness in the middle of her autopsy, her murderer greets her in the form of a demon and tries to kill her again. Fighting for her life, Selene is flooded with memories from a past she would rather forget.

When Selene remembers she is the daughter of Cleopatra and the twin sister of Alexander the Great, she also remembers her family secrets and tragedies. Selene discovers she has been cursed with a second soul. When she realizes that it’s her brother who cursed her, Selene starts using spells from the Book of the Dead to set the parts of her past she remembers right. Will her faulty memories cause more harm than good?

One thing is certain: If Selene doesn’t set things straight before her mother unleashes the powers of the Underworld to enslave humanity, Selene may never die again.

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St. Louis Writers Guild 100th Anniversary Members Anthology
February 2020

A showcase of current St. Louis Writers Guild Members featuring short stories, poems, essays, and flash fiction in honor of the Guild’s 100th Anniversary. Founded in 1920, members come from all aspects of the writing world, from novelists, to freelance writers, memoirists, poets, and more. St. Louis Writers Guild celebrates the diverse literary community of this city. This anthology features works of 34 current members and honors the legacy of the past century.

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