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St. Louis Writers Guild Members Anthology
Where the Rivers Meet
December 2022

An anthology to celebrate the region that inspired so many stories. These short stories, poems, essays, and more are all by St. Louis Writers Guild members.
Included in this anthology: Lyri Ahnam, Fedora Amis, Ross Braught, M. Catherine Bunton, Evelyn Buretta, Brad R. Cook, Larry Duerbeck, Peter H. Green, Virginia Renz Higgins, Jan Kraus, J.L. Mathews, Deborah Meister, & Phyllis Wheeler.

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Did I sign your book at an event? Are you wondering what I wrote?

Book Signatures
By Jessica Mathews-

Children’s Picture Books:
The Old Man and the Pirate Princess– May your life be filled with treasure!
The Old Man and the Pirate Princess Meet a Dragon– Always stand up for what is right!
The Old Man and the Pirate Princess Meet a Magical Menace– Friendship is your greatest treasure!
Sparkle– Never stop sparkling!
The Lazy Vampire– Sometimes lazy days are the best days!
The Lazy Werewolf– Sometimes lazy days are the best days!
Ghosts Don’t Sneeze– Happy haunting!
Chicken Noodle Soup– Don’t let fear outfox you!
ROAR– Never let anyone dull your ROAR!

Children’s Chapter Books:
Captain Kraken and Minnow Do Adventuring- Book 1: Mermaid Hair Don’t Care
– Kindness is the most beautiful thing you can wear!

By J.L. Mathews-

Adult Books/Erotica:
Death Adjacent– What will you do with your eternity?
Ella’s Glass Slipper– Keep it sexy!
Evie and Her Beast– May you always find true love!
Hunted– Start living!
Tainted Spirits– Drink up witches!


You have stumbled upon the creative side of author Jessica Mathews. This website is called Brain Sounds because it is dedicated to all of the background noise rattling around in my head that I have let escape and couldn’t recapture.

I write children’s picture books and paranormal fiction for adults.

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